Yes, the old "lesser of two evils" argument. Actually that argument would be far better directed at the Green Party, who are running their No 1 list candidate, Alison Johnstone, in Edinburgh Central. As in 2016, the likely result is that Johnstone will split the pro-Indy vote and let the Tory candidate in. If the Greens were really pro-independence they would have stood down, surely—as Johnstone is very likely to be elected on the list anyway, what's the point in her standing in the constituency?

If the SNP had really wanted to win the seat, it would have been easy to secure my vote by having a fair selection process for the candidate. If Robertson had beaten Cherry in a fair fight, then I'd probably have voted for him.

"Sex pest"? His lawyer denied having said that. All you've got on Salmond is unfounded rumours and slurs, endlessly amplified by social media. The Sturgeon faction threw everything they could at him; he was acquitted and awarded compensation.

However, I get that many people don't like him. I don't need to like him; I like what his party are offering. At any rate, I"m not voting for Salmond; he's not standing in Lothian; I'm voting for Kenny McAskill, who as far as I can tell is a decent man and an experienced MP. And above all, I'm voting Alba because it's the party I believe has the best chance of delivering independence.



writer, ecodesigner, XR activist

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